Prakash Vakil

Book Author Full Name: Prakash Vakil

Books by this Author

  1. Tongue that does not lie - How to use Tonque Symptoms in Homeopathy

    Prakash Vakil was a homeopathic pioneer with an exceptionally open mind who used many uncommon symptoms for finding the right homeo­pathic remedy. In this book, he describes in detail and with numerous colour pictures how the tongue can be used for finding the simillimum. In different schools of medicine, the tongue is used as a...
  2. Dreams in Homeopathy

    Dreams are an expression of the unconscious and of our personality. They are therefore of great significance for remedy selection in homeopathy.For many years the well-known homeopathic doctor Prakash Vakil has researched dreams, their interpretation and use in homeopathy. In many cases he found the usual repertory rubrics to be...