Quick Study System (QSS) Materia Medica CDs

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CDs to learn remedies and diseases. Ideal for helping to pass the CHC exam.

Four CDs (240.80 minutes) with 154 Remedies Organized by Affinities.
These CDs are designed for efficient study, with a clear concept of the key information for each remedy. Perfect for practitioners, study groups and students preparing for the certification exam.
The 154 remedies represent the material covered in the Materia Medica section of the certification exam offered by the Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC).
The CDs are perfect to enhance your study of the remedies while traveling, commuting in your car, exercising or any time.
Each remedy includes:
1. Remedy Themes
2. Affinities
3. Miasms
4. Modalities
5. Mental symptoms
6. Physical symptoms
7. General symptoms
8. Keynotes with additional highlights, things that are unique to the remedy.
9. Characteristic symptoms that are key to understanding the remedy.
Easy to use and designed for efficient study and reference. The authors’ graduating class used these CDs to study for the Materia Medica section of the certification exam and all passed with great success on the first try!
"The system is easy to use, and provides just the right amount of information without overwhelming students." – Homeopathy Today, June 2008
"I am impressed by the quality of the work, including the content, organization, art . . . everything. You did a great job on the CDs" – Naturopathic student
"These study CDs increased my ability to differentiate between remedies with speed and accuracy." – Acupuncture Physician
"Making the CHC exam accessible and manageable." – Lay Homeopath
Developed within the curriculum of the Florida Academy of Classical Homeopathy.

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AuthorGwynn Cadwallader