Quick Study System - Pathology Set

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Quick Study System (QSS) Pathology Set. 

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This set comes with 357 Pathology Cards, six audio CD's and basic guidelines for studying.


These Pathology Cards are attractive, organized and designed for efficient study, with a clear concept of the key information for a wide variety of diseases.

Perfect for quick reference and review of disease conditions in your practice.

A medical doctor, who is board certified in Internal Medicine, has reviewed and edited these cards.  


A huge time-saving benefit for students studying to pass the Health Science Section of the Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC) exam.


They contain:

1. The disease name and definition

2. Whether the disease is Urgent or Routine

3. Viral or Bacterial in origin

4. Common Symptoms of each condition

5. Other diseases or conditions to differentiate with 

6. Conventional Tests commonly prescribed


Easy to use and designed for efficient study and reference.

The authors’ graduating class used these cards to study for the Health Sciences section of the certification exam and all passed with great success on the first try!


The compact cards are structured to be a working set of notes for people on the go. The white 65# card stock allows you to highlight, underline, circle; and the back of the card is blank so you may add additional notes and pictures.

The CDs are great for listening while traveling, commuting in your car, exercising or any time, to enhance your study of the diseases.


Organized by body systems:

 1      Cardiovascular

 2      Endocrine

 3.     Gastrointestinal, Mouth, Nutritional & Metabolic

 4.     Genital Urinary

 5.     Hematological Disorders

 6.     Immunology

 7.     Infectious Disease

 8.     Malignancy & Cancer

 9.     Muscular-skeletal

10.     Neurological

11.     Ophthalmology

12.     Pediatrics

13.     Psychiatric

14.     Reproductive

15.     Respiratory, Ear, Nose & Throat

16.     Skin and Rashes




“Making the CHC exam accessible and manageable.” – Lay Homeopath

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