Provings vol 3: Fire, Fox, Chicken Embryo, Wind, Amber, Butterfly & Peat

Author(s) Nuala Eising
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“Many thanks from the heart” I am pleased to have one more beautiful present from Nuala Eising, a lady of purity and perseverance. The ‘purity’ because she always attracts the pure energy of the universe when selecting a substance for proving, and ‘perseverance’ because, since the 1980’s, she stands firmly to enhance our treasury of remedies by adding new provings. I strongly believe she must be a role model for our new generation of homeopaths for her total dedication and for expanding the boundaries of our belief in homeopathy. We have nothing precious to give back to her, except to say to her, “Many thanks from the heart.” Our community will never forget her contribution which enriches our beloved system. As with all her books, be ready to dive deep into intimacy with the universe and merge into the experience of various energies like amber, peat, wind, butterfly, fox and fire. - Dr. Ghanshyam Kalathia, India Nuala is profoundly tuned in to the currents of our time. She explores huge, difficult and disturbing issues in great depth, and ingeniously transforms them into healing tools through the alchemical process of provings. Her greatest concern at present is the dangers of radiation and electro-magnetic stress, and it is fitting that the provings so far began with Granite (as a response to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster) and finish with Broadband. I have been involved as a friend, homeopath and prover from the beginning of this journey, and what a wonderful, revelatory and transformative rollercoaster of a ride it has been! Between the heavyweights of Granite and Broadband are sixteen more provings, covering a vast and fascinating array of proving substances. Nuala is an inspired and deeply compassionate homeopath and thinker, and her provings reflect this and are a wonderful gift to homeopathy. - Di Rock, Ireland Not content with having brought homoeopathy to Ireland by founding the Burren School of Homoeopathy, Nuala Eising, Ireland's pre-eminent homeopath, has gone on to conduct numerous provings of far-out substances that only someone with a totally unfettered imagination could even conceive of, let alone bring off. Nuala has a foot in the two worlds--our consensus reality and some other enchanted realm where the magical, the unexpected, is the norm. Read only the introductory parts of each proving to slip into the altered consciousnesses of the provers. Caution! Be prepared to have your grip on the “real” loosened when you read because, if you are like me, you will never be quite the same again. Whether Wind, Butterfly or Fire, Chicken or Fox, Peat or Amber, be alert and ‘unprepared’ as each proving takes you into another kingdom, at once wondrous and yet somehow ‘obvious.’ Feast your imagination, and praise Nuala for what she hath brought. – Karl Robinson, USA

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AuthorNuala Eising
Publication date2014