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Author(s) Jan Scholten
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This is the fourth proving seminar that I have organised. It turns out that the proving are getting better over the years. The quality of the proving is becoming more accurate and the essence of the remedy is discovered amore or less broadly. This is the case when the rovers do not even know the family of the proven remedy. They know the name, but often that is such an exotic one that the provers have no association with it.

Remedy code
At the end of the proving and later during the discussion the provers try to get the Remedy code of the remedy from the proving. The Remedy code is the code as developed in the Plant theory which has been published in Wonderful plants. The remedy code is a kind of short Materia medica, a code that describes essential aspects of the remedy. It is astonishing how accurate they often find the Remedy code, partially or totally.

The proving also showed that corrections are needed in the classification of the Plant theory. For instance the proving of Euphorbia tithymaloides L showed strong aspects of Phase 7 or Stage 17. For that reason the remedy code was chosen as 3-644.34.17, as Euphorbiaceae were placed in Phase 3 and Subphase 4. The Phase 3 was clear from the proving. Later studies showed that Euphorbiaceae has to be split in several subfamilies and that the subfamily Euphorbioideae together with Euphorbia tithymaloides has to be placed in Subphase 7. That confirms the proving.

It is striking that soon after the provings very good prescriptions were done with 2 remedies: Thunbergia grandiflora and Veitchia merilli. It  shows that the remedy picture were quite accurate. The case also show the help of the Remedy code. The more abstract level of thinking in remedy codes makes it possible to see a broader perspective and variations of the themes that were not in the proving.

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