Organon Reflections

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Welcome Samuel Hahnemann's masterpiece into your living room with this approachable and compelling discussion of The Organon of Medicine. Veterinary practitioner and homeopath Wendy Jensen brings us this study guide with each of Hahnemann’s aphorisms expertly explained and matched with a delightful case from her busy practice.

Wendy is an exceptionally experienced practitioner and the nuggets of wisdom in her reflections on each aphorism are underpinned by a myriad of lively and unforgettable stories, making this book a stimulating read for students and accomplished practitioners alike. Homeopaths will be reminded anew of the wonders of our art, whereas newcomers to homeopathy will marvel at the ease and speed at which recovery takes place.

This marvelously inspiring book is intended for anyone who loves animals, and for all homeopaths, especially those who anticipate that re-reading the Organon might be a chore – rather, it is guaranteed to be a pleasure.

"Wendy Jensen’s commentary to Samuel Hahnemann’s principal guide to the practice of homeopathy — the Organon of Medicine — is a very useful and practical way to approach the study and understanding of this work. As the Organon was first written in German over 200 years ago, even the best translations can still be a little difficult to immediately grasp. Wendy Jensen has made it accessible by both explaining the meaning and giving practical examples with cases. She makes your study easier." - Richard Pitcairn, DVM, PhD founder of the Professional Course in Veterinary Homeopathy

"This is a joy to see. What an achievement!" - Wenda O'Reilly, editor of the annotated edition of the Organon of the Medical Art

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SubtitleBringing Homeopathic Philosophy into Today´s Medica Practice
AuthorWendy Thacher Jensen
PublisherNarayana Verlag