Melissa Assilem

Book Author Full Name: Melissa Assilem

Books by this Author

  1. Gifts of the Mother - Matridonal Remedies of the Human Family

    This is the newest of Melissa's books, years in its conception. It pulls together strands to weave into the story of the Matridonal Remedies, part of the Humanum Family: Lac HumanumFolliculinumPlacenta Humana (Welsh)Vernix CaseosaAmniota HumanaUmbilicus Huma ...
  2. Women Ripening through the Menopause

    This is a thought provoking and empowering book full of information for women and those who love and care for them.Melissa says, “Our self image is a major factor in determining our internal health, but before we can feel good about ourselves we need to unlearn the falsehoods of our cult ...
  3. The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

    This book presents fascinating insights into the remedies- Thea (tea)- Coffea (coffee)- Saccharum Officinarum (sugar)- Lac humanum (mother’s milk)Each essay is a mixture of the historical, metaphysical, psychological, and physiological significance of these substa ...