Krypton (The Noble Gases vol 4)

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Author(s) Jeremy Sherr
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Krypton takes us one step further down the evolution of the periodic table, unfolding the one-dimensional lines of Helium, the second dimension of Neon surface, and the Argon sphere into the realms of gravity and time. This was probably the remedy for Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Lewis Carroll, Copernicus, Einstein, and of course Superman, but you will be surprised at how often it is useful in daily practice.

By binding the proving of Krypton into a meaningful totality, this book demonstrates the science and art of converting a homoeopathic proving into Materia Medica. As in any proving, Krypton can be studied on many levels, ranging from physical symptoms and affinities to generalities, emotional essences, geometry, physics, and spiritual insight. All these facets are investigated and then united into one total understanding. If we learn to weave the thread of symptoms into a meaningful web, we will learn to do the same with our patient’s cases and our remedies, and to match what is really essential in one to the other.

Any proving holds many secrets hidden within its symptoms, yet the noble gases contain more, as they represent the perfection of the periodic table. Many of the themes that we met in the other nobles are echoed in Krypton, providing an insight into the noble family characteristics. Once again we see the noble perfection at its best and worst, contrasting energised alignment between heaven and earth with an impoverished misalignment of being. This book will teach you how to extract meaning from a proving. It will unravel the mysteries of Krypton, the noble gases and the remedies of the fourth period. Of course, you will learn how to prescribe Krypton practically, with many case studies and clinical indications.

So, curve into the timely secrets of the fourth dimension and let the mystery unfold. Krypton will take you to the sun, moon, and stars, and back to the present moment, when past and future were one, and sleep is truly refreshing.

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AuthorJeremy Sherr
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