Homoeopathic Acute Prescribing: A Text for Practitioners, First Aid and Self-help

Scottish College of Homoeopathy
Author(s) Margaret Roy
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Acute prescribing is one of the most important aspects of Homoeopathy. It is the most frequently used with many remedies available at the local chemist.
In First Aid situations Homoeopathy cannot be bettered. It deals effectively with shock and even affects the clotting factor to stop bleeding.
However, homoeopathic remedies are not prescribed in the same way as chemical drugs. To get the best out of the remedies they must be used according to homoeopathic principles, recognising the individuality of the patient and matching to the individuality of the remedy. This book leads the way through from first aid situations to minor ailments. Minor ailments are placed in the content of the overall health state of the patient Homoeopathy does not treat symptoms but the patient, i.e. how does the ailment arise.
The book is structured as a learning text that enables more effective use in the home by the first aider. Each lesson builds on knowledge of the principles putting them to practical use. It introduces 24 remedies that have a valuable place in the home medical kit. There is discussion of the potencies used and the principles behind such choice. At the end of each lesson there is an extract from Hahnemanns Organon as a gentle introduction to the source of homoeopathic thought.
Finally, acute prescribing is the most valuable tool to the practitioner in creating a higher level of health. The final lessons discuss the different types of acute and their place in constitutional prescibing.

This book covers the use of Homoeopathy in First Aid and acute ailments. It should be of value to the parent as will as helping the patient to a further understanding of homoeopathic treatment.
Notes on philosophy unfold lesson by lesson with exwerciss to enable more accurate prescribing and management of cases.
Basic material medica of 24 remedies and handy reference tables will help to make best use of a home First Aid kit.
For the practitioner, there is a discussion of different types of acute in relation to the constitutional case.
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ISBN 9780955041501
Author Margaret Roy
Type Paperback
Language English
Pages 165
Publisher Scottish College of Homoeopathy