Healing Women with Homeopathy

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Author(s) Kavita Chandak
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Woman is the best creation of God. She is blessed with the major responsibility of Motherhood, the divine duty to bring a new life into existence! For this, the woman needs to undergo different stages during her whole life, namely, puberty, menstruation, adolescence, marriage, conception, labor, breastfeeding, and menopause. To make these transitions easy and hassle free, Homeopathy has a lot to offer.

There might be various books written on gynaecology and homeopathy then what is different in this book? Why should it be read?

The author observed that maximum number of women from underprivileged classes is still enduring mental and physical troubles. They never consider themselves as important as other family members due to the influence of their childhood upbringing. Suppression at emotional level manifests diseases on physical plane and healing women term makes sense when we are obliged to make her healthy at physical and mental level.

This book is the author’s sincere attempt towards smoothening of life events of a woman related to Gynaecology and Obstetrics, with the knowledge achieved for more than two decade’s experience of her Homeopathic practice.


Book is divided into 3 parts-

First part covers obstetrics and gynaecological conditions

Second part covers case taking, importance of dreams, delusions, posology, rare remedies with their indications, Homoeopathic gynaecology kit and clinical tips in obstetrics and gynaecology.

Third part covers Homoeopathic management of 33 case studies.


What to find in the book?

- All chapters include the introduction, causes, symptoms, rubrics and its homeopathic treatment.

- Auxillary management and clinical tips from my experience are mentioned at the end of a few chapters and cases.

- Mental issues during and after pregnancy like mood swings, nervousness, melancholia, depression are covered along with its homeopathic management.

- Case studies mentioned in this book include the anamnesis (physical and mental symptoms), analysis, evaluation, rubrics, laboratory readings before and after treatment, justification of remedy, prescription and follow-ups with my way of approach in individual case.

- Clinical repertory for Gynaecology is included with the chapters. Repertory along with 33 successful case studies (by overcoming the failure).

- Description of a few modern remedies like Medullosseinum, HPV etc;

- Guidance about the application of Homeopathic philosophy in clinical practice (aphorism numbers are mentioned)

This book is a significant & valuable tool for the learner, teacher & practitioners in their service to humanity through Homoeopathy. 

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AuthorKavita Chandak
Printed inIndia
PublisherB. Jain Publishers
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