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Gifts of the Mother - Matridonal Remedies of the Human Family

by Melissa Assilem

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This is the newest of Melissa's books, years in its conception. It pulls together strands to weave into the story of the Matridonal Remedies, part of the Humanum Family:

Lac Humanum
Placenta Humana (Welsh)
Vernix Caseosa
Amniota Humana
Umbilicus Humanus

'As I have worked with these important remedies over the years, I have come to believe that the most profound gift we as humans receive is the sense of self. It is first bestowed in its earthly form in the womb. Could it not therefore be true that when this sense of self is lost, it can be retrieved through the very materials that gave it to us in the first place? These substances are made for the creation of our humanness. It is their sole purpose, as they are discarded as soon as we no longer need them. '
Gifts of the Mother - Matridonal Remedies of the Human Family
ISBN 9781886546066
Language English
Author Melissa Assilem
Pages 136
Publication Date 2009
Type Paperback
Publisher Melissa Assilem