Gemmotherapy For Everyone - Building Immunity In Babies & Young Children

Author(s) Lauren Hubele
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Lauren empowers families with practical tools, a respectful tone, and loving support. Gemmotherapy for Everyone: Building Immunity In Babies & Young Children is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to promote natural robust immunity. The choice to raise children with this gentle yet powerful modality brings true healing back into the home.
— Cilla Whatcott, HD RHom, CCH, PhD, Director of Worldwide Choice

I wish this book had been available 40 years ago when I was starting out in practice. It took me years and years of observation to appreciate and embrace the perspective that Lauren presents in this book. It is hard to find good, well presented information on Gemmotherapy such as you will find here. And remember, even though this is a book directed at caring for children, adults are, in reality, big kids and most of this information applies to all ages. I highly recommend it.
— Timothy R. Dooley, N.D., M.D., Homeopathy: Beyond Flat Earth Medicine

Building Immunity In Babies & Young Children is an indispensable guide for anyone caring for young ones. Whether you’re expecting a new baby and want to build a strong foundation for lifelong health or your child hasn’t responded to conventional medical care, you’ll find easy to use Gemmotherapy protocols for everything from colic and sinus congestion to skin conditions and ear infections. Gemmotherapy extracts are derived from specific trees and shrubs and support the immune system’s ability to effect a quick response to a wide variety of acute and chronic symptoms. They are affordable, easy to use, and a small collection of extracts at home will keep you well prepared for all the typical situations that arise with babies and young children.

Lauren Hubele is a speaker, educator, wife, and mother who lives and works in Austin, Texas. Her practice provides a framework for resolving chronic and acute conditions using Gemmotherapy, Homeopathy, and a Plant-Based Diet for babies, children, and teenagers, as well as their parents. Lauren has studied with a variety of international experts on a range of natural health care practices. She frequently travels around the country speaking and educating practitioners of all modalities on the healing potential of Gemmotherapy, and has served on the board for the National Center for Homeopathy. Lauren is also the author of Gemmotherapy For Everyone: An Introduction To Acute Care, part of a series designed to make Gemmotherapy more accessible. Having raised three vibrant children on plant-based diets and natural medicine, Lauren is passionate about empowering families of all kinds to care for themselves using the power of plants.

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