Gemmotherapy for Everyone - an introduction to acute care

Author(s) Lauren Hubele
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An Introduction to Acute Care is the first in Lauren Hubele’s Gemmotherapy for Everyone series. Designed as a quick yet practical dive into Gemmotherapy for both practitioners and home users, this synthesized reference guide will be an invaluable resource for those interested in this powerful and potent plant therapy.

Gemmotherapy originated in Belgium during the 1950’s research of Pol Henry, Homeopath and physician. Gemmotherapy is the only natural therapy using the meristem cells, a plant material that supports the cleaning and feeding of organ tissue simultaneously.

Lauren has passionately pursued the study of Gemmotherapy in order to provide her clients with what she believes to be the missing natural medicine of our time. She teaches Gemmotherapy in seminars across the U.S. and offers online webinars.  Lauren has been mentored by international experts in the field who supervised her two year study that led to the creation of a systematic approach to acute and chronic symptoms.

The book includes:

  • An introduction to Gemmotherapy
  • A concise history of Gemmotherapy
  • A care guide for acute inflammatory illnesses
  • 36 protocols for common acute symptoms
  • 20 descriptions of Gemmotherapy extracts frequently used for acute symptoms
  • A glimpse at what more Gemmotherapy has to offer for chronic symptoms

The professional practitioner will also learn:

  • How and why Gemmotherapy is useful in acute care
  • How Gemmotherapy compliments homeopathy and other vital force therapies
  • What the further study of Gemmotherapy can bring to their practice

Home Users will learn:

  • The value of supporting the body’s natural healing process rather than suppressing acute symptoms
  • The stages of an acute inflammatory illness
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