Freedom from Infectious Diseases - The Homeopathic Solution

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The global coronavirus pandemic has triggered renewed interest in an old method of immunization that predated and even originally influenced conventional vaccination. It also has brought to light many inconsistences and even outright fraud in the medical narrative of viral diseases including the role of external factors on immunity. It has triggered many questions about widely held dogmas and beliefs about infectious diseases and the germ theory.  

An authoritative treatise for the general public on homeopathic immunizations is long overdue. Even though the author has presented the method of homeopathic prophylaxis to his students for around three decades, and has offered the method in his practice to his clients over the same period of time, the colorful history, methodology and research on homeopathic prevention of infectious disease has never been presented in the context of medical anthropology. This book attempts to do that.

The present book has its origin in an article on homeopathic immunization, I wrote around 1995 for the students of The Homeopathic College. The article summarized the history, research, and clinical methodology of homeopathic prophylaxis. However, not until recently and in light of the WHO global pandemic declaration, did I expand and revise this work as a definitive introduction to homeopathic immunization for the general public.

The history of homeopathic immunization is also inevitably a part of the history of medicine. This book highlights two important but little known parts of medicine in general—the development of the germ theory and that of vaccination. Unlike other most texts, it does not shy away from documenting the phenomena of medical scare mongering and outright fraud in conjunction with vaccination that continues to this day. The content of this book speaks for itself. It is primarily intended to educate the public about the homeopathic solution to infectious diseases and at the same time teach the homeopathic specialist as well as the general public a thing or two about the rationale and detailed protocols for homeopathic immunization.

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AuthorManfred Mueller, MA, DHM, RSHom(NA), CCH