Douglas M. Borland

Book Author Full Name: Douglas M. Borland

Books by this Author

  1. Homoeopathy in Practice

    What remedies should you keep for the emergencies of general practice? How does the homoeopath treat pain? What can homoeopathy offer for gastroenteritis or the common cold, or for virus infection in general? How do you distinguish between the remedies? The author covers a wide variety of the compla ...
  2. OUT OF PRINT: Pneumonias

    Borland mentions the therapeutics of the pneumonial symptom complex in the most elaborate way. Divided into five chapters, the book boasts of pathological relevance, comparative study, dosage suggestions & a well organized repertory on Kentian approach. ...

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  3. Treatment of Certain Heart Conditions

    A small but reliable booklet on the treatment of heart problems of various kinds.Acute and chronic heart failure are discussed. Borland also offers information about angina and pseudo-angina.
  4. Some Emergencies of General Practice

    This booklet is a compilation of homeopathic remedies based on clinical experience & trials. The present compendium is not a revision but an attempt to simplify the presentation of the already existing material to facilitate & encourage its usage. The booklet starts with an introduction to the various drug relationships & their...
  5. Homoeopathic Treatment of Influenzas

    The book  “Homoeopathic Treatment of Influenzas” has a special mention of the drugs considered by Dr Borland in the treatment of the Influenza in his lectures given at the London Homeopathic Hospital. The book consists of drug details with  general as well as  particulars for the understanding & gaining...