Break free from your allergy

Author(s) Johan Denis
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Why do some people have a severe reaction to food, pollen or animal hairs, while others are completely unaffected by these same substances? What is going on? While conventional medicine is completely in the dark as to why these allergic reactions occur and limits itself to just suppressing the symptoms, the author opens a completely new avenue of thinking.

Allergens are actually accompanying circumstances (i.e. traces) of trauma shocks. These traces act as alarm signals and retrigger our organism to the stress of old traumas. The instantaneous healing responses by our body are then called allergies. The author describes how this works for the nose, eyes, airways, skin and intestines.
Step by step, Johan explains in simple language the trauma effect on these organs and how we can often make a sometimes decades-old allergy 'ghost' disappear in a single day. Can it really be that simple ?

Dr Johan Denis has been working as a naturopathic doctor for more than thirty years, specializing in homeopathy. He has always been a seeker of truth and the essence of healing. Practical application of the laws of GNM forms the backbone of his daily practice and he has been teaching these insights for many years.

GNM (German New Medicine) provides us with wonderful insights into the mechanism of disease processes affecting on organism. These turn out to be extremely simple automatic and significant biological survival programmes. This simplicity is the hallmark of the Natural Law, which encompasses the universal laws that govern the underlying harmony in all of life processes. Knowledge and practical application of these principles is no more or less than the philosopher's stone we have always been looking for.

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SubtitleWith the 5 biological laws of nature
AuthorJohan Denis