A World Map of Homeopathic Groups and Families

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Author(s) Anne Vervarcke
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A World Map of Homeopathic Groups and Families aims to make homeopathic practice manageable again.

Unlike the early days of homeopathy and particularly in the last 20 years, homeopathic students and practitioners now have access to a bewildering amount of information - new provings, books, systems and computer programmes all add to an already extensive body of knowledge.

But how does the practitioner incorporate all this new data into their work?

This book aims to answer this question by guiding us to take a step back from a case for a more 'big picture' view before examining the smaller details. It introduces the concepts of 2D / 3D groups and the Vital Approach Map of Homeopathic Families which Anne likens to a treasure map for the similimum. Practitioners will learn how to identify clear pointers for the bigger groups and families, what other key information to look for in a case, how to connect the dots and recognise patterns leading to more efficient prescribing and improved outcomes.

Anne's straightforward approaches are beautifully presented in this book. Through them we gain not only a broader perspective but also  deeper understanding that allows our homeopathic practice to be taken to a whole new level.

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AuthorAnne Vervarcke
Publication date2022
PublisherSaltire Books
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