Whooping Cough

Cured with Coqueluchin

by John Henry Clarke

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Whooping Cough Cured with Coqueluchin.

The author treated tumors of various parts of the body by medicines with great success. He felt it to be his imperative duty to bring his views and experiences prominently to the fore for the benefit of our common mankind. This book is the first attempt by the author in this direction. It contains some of his most difficult case histories that are very valuable. This book is aimed at proving to the world that tumors  can be cured by medicines alone if requisite knowledge and practice is given.

An intelligent discussion on the treatment of whooping cough with its almost specific "coqueluchin " supplemented by case references and detailed follow up. contains an introduction to the whooping cough nosode named by Clarke – Coqueluchin from the French name for whooping cough, “Coqueluche”. He gives many illustrative case examples of cures, explains nosodes in general and concludes with a chapter on lessons derived from the cases. 

Whooping Cough
Brand New, but printed in India so the quality is usually not that good.
ISBN 9788131905401
Language English
Author John Henry Clarke
Pages 90
Publication Date 2002-01-01
Type Paperback
Printed in India
Publisher B. Jain