OUT OF PRINT: Vitality Qigong

by Robin Murphy


The Vitality Qigong, (Chi Kung) traditions contains the wisdom of ancient Lotus Medicine. The Lotus School of Medical Qigong is based on the ancient Qigong/Yoga Health and Longevity Sciences. Buddhist monks, nuns, yogis and hermits had access to the ancient qigong practices of India, Tibet and China from which Mi Zong or Lotus Qigong was created. The knowledge and techniques for a long healthy life are found within the ancient yoga and qigong health systems. Lotus Medicine is well rooted in ancient Oriental Medical Qigong, Medical Alchemy and Medical Astrology.
Vitality Qigong can be defined as the Qi or vital energy practices for health, longevity and tranquility. These powerful Qi, (Chi) exercises open the meridians and energy points of the body, allowing qi energy to flow freely, which promotes overall health and long life. Qigong, calms and clears the mind while cultivating vitality or True Qi. Mi Zong also helps develope stamina, balance, stronger bones and loose joints.
Robin Murphy, ND is a naturopathic physician whose been researching the history of Lotus Medicine, Herbs, Homeopathy, Martial Arts, Tai Ji and Qigong for 30 years. Years ago, Dr. Murphy learned this Buddhist Qigong system from Liu Siong who learned it from the Buddhist monks of the Shaolin Monastery in China. The legend monks told Liu Siong revealed that many of these Qi movements and Qi meditations were used centuries ago by Tibetan Buddhist monks. Also, some of qi movements orginated from the Taoist- Tai Ji school of Qigong Martial Arts.
Vitality Qigong Outline
This video contains an energetic, flowing and vitalizing workout series of Qi, (Chi) energy movements. These Vitality Qigong sets are very powerful and simple internal energy exercises. True Qi is awaken by doing the various gentle flowing and standing postures, along with deep breathing and meditation. Qigong Practice is always done at one's own pace, in a relaxed and natural manner. Qi is the Vital Energy of Life.
Part 1 - Awaken the Seven Pranas
Sixteen Qi Movements: Lotus Opens, Beat the Drum, White Crane Twists, Arm Swings, Slap the Thighs, Ocean Waves, Open the Heart, Open the Bubbling Springs, Leg and Arm Swings, Finger Rolls, Finger Flicks, Wrist Flaps Horizontal and Vertical, Arm Shakes, Bounce on the Heels, Drop the Fence Post, Lotus Closes.
Part 2 - Circulate the Seven Pranas
Eight Movements: Lotus Opens, Happy Buddha, Catch the Moon, White Crane Flying, Grab the Qi and Clean the Lungs, Circle the Hourglass, Open the Upper Gate, White Crane Circles its Wings, Spinal Rotations and Clean the Lungs, Lotus Closes.
Part 3 - Qi Flowing Movements
Four Qi Movements: White Crane Counter Swings, Gliding Ocean Waves and Pushes, Move the Qi in Eight Directions.
Part 4 - Qi Standing Meditations
Seven Qi Meditations:Lotus Opens, Open the Sun and Moon Nadis, Earth Posture, Saturn Qi, Venus Qi, Jupiter Qi, Mercury Qi, Mars Qi, Moon Qi, Sun Qi, Open the Sun & Moon Nadis, Lotus Closes.

Vitality Qigong
Language English
Author Robin Murphy
Type DVD