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Vitalism (formerly The Magical Staff)

by Matthew Wood

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Biographies of Hahnemann, Kent, Paracelsus, Bach and others in the vitalist tradition.
Note: The following reviews are based on the first edition (1992) of this book titled The Magical Staff. In 2000, this book was revised and renamed (Vitalism - The History of Herbalism, Homeopathy, and Flower Essences).

An essential assumption behind most natural healing therapies is the recognition that a life force flows through and animates the physical body. This concept of vitalism is both ancient and contemporary. Discussing the western roots of vitalism, Matthew Wood provides biographies of nine of the leading physicians who have made important and enduring contributions to the science and art of natural medicine since 1500.
The intellectual worlds and theoretical medical perspectives of Samuel Hahnemann, Johann Rademacher, Samuel Thomson, James Tyler Kent, James Compton Burnett, and Edward Bach are vividly described. The eras of these men, as well as the links between them, are shown. They were the founders and thinkers behind homeopathy, alchemical healing, herbalism and flower essences-major traditions which flourish today.
"This fine book is about theory and practice in the history of medicine. The Magical Staff should help physicians realize that incorporating a more holistic view of the body into their practice is a reaffirmation of their heritage, not a capitulation to something foreign and unscientific. Practitioners of natural medicine can recapture the impulses of their inspiration, gain more understanding of their tradition, and transcend the too-frequent bickering over details of technique by focusing on the underlying unity of these principles and values."
-Dr. Mitch Bebel Stargrove, ND
National College of Naturopathic Medicine
"Matthew Wood has written an outstanding book, with much to contribute to the herbal renaissance and the coming of age of holistic medicine. It is a unique and important look at the history of western medicine from the perspective of vitalism."
David Hoffman
California School of Herbal Studies

Vitalism (formerly The Magical Staff)
ISBN 9781556433405
Language English
Author Matthew Wood
Pages 215
Publication Date 2000-05-31
Type Paperback
Printed in USA