Visions of Wisdom – Messages of the Thirteen Grandmothers

by Judith Moore

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Grandmothers Councils have formed in many places all over the globe. The power of these councils is supported by the Spirit Council of the Thirteen Grandmothers. This phenomenon verifies the power of prophecy. The Grandmothers have been the focus of many books and messages.

All of these sources have one thing in common; they deliver the messages of peace, unity and hope. Their words penetrate the collective consciousness of humanity and open the souls of humanity. Their messages have the power to transform our world. Society suffers from the effects of loss of spiritual connection to the natural world. We need the wisdom of these Thirteen Grandmothers for the Earth to live. 

We have entered an age of technology and lost the power of sacred space. Many people cry out for an answer, inspiration for the meaning of their lives, lives that seem empty. The environment is polluted and wars rage because we have lost our way as a people. Prepare yourselves to embark upon a journey; this is more than a book. It truly is a journey that will open up your spirit and soul to a greater vision for this time of transformation on Earth.

The Spiritual Council of the Thirteen Grandmothers is working in the world. They are here with us, and they are here to help humanity. The Spirit Grandmothers initially called author Judith Moore in 1996, when she became part of the Grandmothers Council in Tucson Arizona, initiated by Mary Diamond in 1994. Since 2003 Judith often takes spiritual journeys to the Spirit Grandmothers lodge during sessions with clients and she has had many experiences with these powerful beings.

This book is the monumental episode of Judith’s meetings with the Spirit Grandmothers. It contains messages that came directly from a spiritual council of ‘Thirteen Cosmic Grandmothers’ and a Creator Being called ‘The One’. In 2005 the Spirit Council of the Thirteen Grandmothers came to Judith during a trance state. They said that they needed to bring their wisdom to the world through their messages. This began a seven year journey to the completion of this book. 

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  • Visions of Wisdom  – Messages of the Thirteen Grandmothers
  • Visions of Wisdom  – Messages of the Thirteen Grandmothers
ISBN 9789490443078
Language English
Author Judith Moore
Pages 136
Publication Date 2013
Type Paperback
Printed in The Netherlands
Publisher Dolphins and Whales publishing