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  1. Remaining in a Safe Environment: The Sea Remedies (notes vol 1)

    Massimo's approach of homeopathic families and the concept of fundamental themes of homeopathic families is introduced. Fundamental themes should be present for a deeply curative prescription. Remedies presented through cases and discussion: Ambra grisea, Aqua marina, Asterias, Astacus, Badiaga, Cal ...
  2. Notes 2: unreliable basic support

    The focus is on case taking and case analysis. Cases and discussion of Silicium and related: Alumina silicata, Calcarea silicata, Natrum silicatum, Kali silicatum, Equisetum, Bambusa, Sphingurus, Castor equi and more. Carbonium related: Carbo vegetabilis, Carbo animalis, Carboneum sulphuratum, Graph ...
  3. Notes 3: Knowledge, seduction and Forsakenness

    The focus is on case analysis in relation to the fundamental themes of the homeopathic family. Homeopathic remedies of Snakes, Reptiles and similars are presented: Bothrops, Cenchris, Crotalus horridus, Crotalus cascavella, Elaps, Heloderma, Hydrophis cyanocinctus, Lachesis, Naja, Toxicophus pugnax, ...
  4. Notes 4: Identifying with society

    Further discussion of Massimo's methodology: case taking and case analysis in relation to fundamental and differentiating themes. Kalium and related: Kali arsenicosum, Kali bichromicum, Kali bromatum, Kali carbonicum, Kali ferrocyanatum, Kali iodatum, Kali muriaticum, Kali nitricum, Kali phosphoricu ...
  5. Notes 5: Identify and individualism

    Fifth session:'Identity and individualism - Milks, some insects, ectoparasites and spiders remedies'The focus is on differential diagnosis in homeopathic families, including how to consider symptoms and themes. Milks: Lac asinum, Lac caninum, Lac capra, Lac defloratum, Lac de ...
  6. Notes 6: Precious and base metals

    The focus is on the relation between logical and analogical perspective. The history of Alchemy and the four elements in relation to this group of remedies is presented. The concept of homeopathic families is discussed. The remedies discussed include: Aurum arsenicosum, Aurum muriaticum, Aurum muria ...