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Using Miasms in Homoeopathy Using Maps Systems in Homoeopathy Transformation Between Realms

by Peter Fraser

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The Miasms are a concept that has been central to homopathy since its earliest days and offers a valuable understanding of the particular nature and character of a case.

Using Miasms in Homoeopathy The Miasms are a concept that has been central to homoeopathy since its  earliest days and offers a way of analyzing the history of the patient and of the patients family. It allows a valuable understanding of the particular nature and character of a case and a way of matching them to the nature of the remedies. It is a practical guide to using Miasms to make it easier to find the indicated remedy.

Using Miasms in Homeopathy
ISBN 9781874581260
Language English
Author Peter Fraser
Pages 53
Publication Date 2008
Type Paperback
Printed in Great Brittain
Publisher Winter Press