Treasures of Dr. Prafull Vijayakar

Charts & Rubrics

by Dr. Prafull Vijayakar - Günter Lutz


Dr Vijayakar is practicing homeopathy in Vile Parle, Mumbai since many years and teaches at Mumbadevi Homoeopathic College, Mumbai

His scientific contributions to classica homeopathy are accepted worldwide His knowledge of Immunology, Embryology, Genetics, Human Bio-chemistry and  Neuroendokrinology were the basis of Predictive Homoeopathy®, a scientific method of classical homeopathy.

Thanks to his merit, Hahnemann's Organon and the applicability of Hering's law were fully confirmed with the aid of modern medical science Dr Vijayakar's pioneering work invites us to effectively link the "old and new knowledge" and thus to successfully and permanently treat the whole human being.

Gunter Lutz, a student and friend of Dr Vijayakar, is practicing homeopathy since 14 years and concentrates on Predictive Homoeopathy® since some years In this book, he gathers the treasures of many personal conversations and seminars with Dr Vijayakar; he does not adulterate the contents with his own opinions and additions.

A correct and successful use of the categories and tables that ultimately should lead to the prescription of the Genetic Constitutional Similimum requires knowledge of Dr Vijayakar's books.

Language English
Pages 103
Type Paperback