Torako Yui

Book Author Full Name: Torako Yui

Books by this Author

  1. The Thesis of Immunization Impossible

    As a result of vaccination, many children are suffering and the levels of people's immunity are being continually decreased. We homeopaths, who have seen the truth must speak out about this before it is too late. Homeopaths have the skills that help to cure diseases caused by vaccination, the skills that provide...
  2. Herbs and Mother Tinctures

    This book gives the entire picture of mother tinctures that are part of the Zen method which leads intractable diseases to be cured by Torako Yui Ph.D.Hom. Detailed data and explanation of 50 kinds of herbs with beautiful pictures. 40 kinds of case studies based on the Zen method and 60 kinds of support tinctures are contained. Repertory of...