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Thematic Repertory and Materia Medica of the Mind Symptoms

by J.A. Mirilli

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Mirilli's work offers a new conceptual framework with the identification of around 300 themes, resulting from intensive study of around 4,000 key symptoms out of the 17,000 or so in the mind section of the Complete Repertory. Information can be accessed by theme, by an individual word index and by remedy, with full referencing of original proving symptoms throughout. Mirilli's book is not only a repertory. It is a first approach to themes of remedies and so to a deeper understanding of their core. It is scientifically based, which means in homeopathic terms that the information is based on provings without speculation. Mirilli's book suddenly creates distinct clarity and full colour about symptoms or themes of a remedy with which we are so far only vaguely familiar from a repertory rubric or from a rumour heard in a seminar. The author quotes the explicit and vivacious words of the provers rather than the imagined meanings of a teacher or the abbreviations of a rubric. It is amazing to see how much Hahnemann's notes (a.o.) enable us to get a detailed feeling for the suffering of a remedy when arranged by themes.We don't need to speculate! In this way the ideas and themes of remedies, that were so far suspected to be fiction are now based on reliable and true sources. So Mirilli fulfills what is requiered in §144 of the Organon. Henning Droege, Germany Hahnemann's Organon, §143: A true Materia Medica is a collection of the genuine, pure, unmistakable modes of action of simple medicinal substances. §144: Let all that is supposition, merely asserted or even fabricated be entirely excluded from such a Materia Medica. Everything should be the pure language of nature, carefully and honestly interrogated.
ISBN 9080187844
Language English
Author Mirilli
Pages 1138
Publication Date 2000
Type Paperback
Printed in The Netherlands
Publisher IRHIS