The Vital Approach

by Anne Vervarcke

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The Vital Approach is a condensed introduction in the case taking and analysis techniques based on Annes thorough understanding and experience. It is clear, methodic and sophisticated and enables to see the beauty of the coherent pattern in every case.

This is what Christel Lombaerts, head of the CKH, says about 'The Vital Approach': Ten years ago, when I attended my first homeopathy class ever, I was immediately captivated by the intriguing way in which Anne presented homeopathic philosophy. Her teaching was a living illustration of the adage that the mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled. She wanted us to be curious and inquisitive. She encouraged us to speak up, to argue, to question her and each other. Most of all she prompted us to make up our own minds, to deconstruct our beliefs about health and disease and to come to terms with the homeopathic paradigm in due course.
Annes own unusual, investigating mind continues to question whatever is presented to her in- and outside homeopathy. She was at the front row when new developments in homeopathy promised to make the homeopathic curriculum simpler, the material medica manageable, the homeopaths life easier. However, she did not assimilate unquestioningly the new insights nor did she pass them on without having them confirmed in practice. Always with her students and teachings in mind, she critically assessed provings, case-taking methods as well as theories. The Vital Approach is the result of more than twenty years of skilfully applying knowledge of materia medica, theory and philosophy, without ever losing sight of homeopathys protagonist: the patient.
Both in her teaching and practice Anne lives up to her own high standards of ethics, with compassion and care. In the last years Anne has become more to me than a teacher. She has become an invaluable colleague, a friend, a beacon in the turbulent waters of homeopathy today. I am challenging everyone with a passion for homeopathy, regardless of his or her background, to have Annes Vital Approach shed a new light on this fascinating art of healing.

excerpt from The Vital Approach

In our homeopathic jargon we are treating the disturbed vital force or dynamis that lies beyond mind and body but expresses itself on them.
If we can guide the patient along the levels of experience during case taking and we can make him express the disturbance of his vital force (his vital disturbance) in words, we can make a sure prescription. But often we wont be able or it will take too long. In children cases or patients who dont express well, we will be at a loss. With patients who cant get deep enough, we risk to have the feeling of failure as practitioners.
The Vital Approach is an answer to these problems since there is a methodic way to spot the vital disturbance on all levels. It merely takes discernment between what is common and what is vital and that is what Im teaching.
Exploring the different levels of experience we can focus on the vital sensation, even when questioning the physical complaints or the emotions. The vital disturbance is on all levels all of the time.
If the disturbance is confirmed on different levels, domains or topics we see the coherent pattern that underlies all feelings, actions and functions. That is the thing we are looking for in our patients. It is what I understand Hahnemann meant when he considered disease as a spirit- like disturbance of the dynamis.
This pattern is like a matrix through which the patient sees himself and the outside world. Because it means a limitation and produces conditions to be OK we call it disturbance. In reality there are no limitations or conditions, only freedom and imperfect perfections. In reality things just are.
In the chapter of the anamnesis I made an attempt to give useful hints how to get reliable information from the patient in the most natural way. All homeopaths said it before and I cant but confirm that a proper anamnesis is more than half of the work. But I realize at the same time that nothing compares to a life demonstration. I consider this as the best means to convey the subtleness and at the same time the firm classical fundament of this Approach. In this sense this Manual should be read as an appetizer and I hope it makes the reader longing for more...

The Vital Approach
ISBN 9789081001700
Language English
Author Anne Vervarcke
Pages 136
Publication Date 2010
Type Paperback
Printed in Belgium
Publisher The White Room
Book Author(s) Anne Vervarcke

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