The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution

by Freck Hahn

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Join the Slow Burn Fitness Revolution! In The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution, authors of the three-million-copy bestseller Protein Power team up with leading fitness expert Fred Hahn to revolutionize the way America gets strong, lean, and healthy. The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution lays out the accumulating body of scientific evidence that shows the spend-hours-in-the-gym approach to exercise is over. The Slow Burn exercise routine gives great results in just 30 minutes a week. With Slow Burn, you will: *Get strong fast *Increase bone density and ward off osteoporosis *Improve cardiovascular health *Enhance flexibility *Say goodbye to lower back pain *Increase your metabolism, and *Make your body a powerful fat-burning machine Slow Burn promises a leaner, fitter, stronger you with a realistic workout that lets you have a great body and a life!
The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution
ISBN 9780767913867
Language English
Author Freck Hahn
Pages 181
Publication Date 2002-12-24
Type Hardback