The Scientifically Intuitive Case Witnessing Process - The Journey of Three Steps

by Dinesh Chauhan

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One of the biggest achievements for a homoeopathic doctor is reaching a comprehensive understanding of his patients so that he can find a simillimum for them. And this is where the importance of case-taking comes in. Dr. Dinesh's scientifically intuitive case witnessing process (a uniquely designed case taking model) helps a homoeopath reach the deepest core of the patient with relative ease. The entire process is completely scientific, human-centric, simple, and reproducible. Furthermore, anyone, be that a traditional classical homoeopath or a contemporary classical homoeopath, can make use of the CWP with ease and success.

In this book, you will find (with case examples):

Exploration of the connecting thread that runs through the myriad of homeopathic approaches , ranging from the traditional Hahnemannian approach to the contemporary classical era; ultimately, Dr.Chauhan unites them in a comprehensive vision

The A to Z of the Case Witnessing Process (CWP): Introduction, importance, aims and objectives

The Three fundamental Steps of the CWP: Passive, Active, and Active-Active CWP (Importance, Application, as well as pointers for progressing from steps 1-3)

Possible obstructions one may face, and the appropriate techniques of case taking, such as Denial, Projection, Dissociation, Internal witnessing, etc., etc., to tackle such obstructions in a case and pointers that help one know WHICH technique to use WHEN

A study of WHEN, HOW and WHAT healing awareness takes place in the patient during the case interview

A path-breaking concept: Healing the Healer. The therapeutic effect of the CWP on the healer

Numerous sketches of hand gestures made by patients, drawings that bring to life the illustrative cases presented in the book
The X-Factors of the Book: OOMPHOO
Oomphoo is a delightful new element in this book. Co-author of this book, Oomphoo is a comic character who is the readers friend, as well as a commentator on--and critic of--Dineshs work. Oomphoo makes comments throughout the book. His remarks are designed to prompt the reader to think more deeply about the points being explored by Dr. Chauhan and to do so in the context of joy and laughter.

This new book from his now seasoned hand, is a delight to read, for it is clear and insightful, and carries the reader along to remember perennial truths . (From foreword by Misha Norland)

profound insight explained in a simple way and presented systematically. (From foreword by Harry van der Zee, Editor-in-chief of Homoeopathic Links)

This book is not mere add-on theory to existing books on homoeopathy; rather, it is the result of Dr. Chauhan's quest to understand the nature of human beings in their completeness. Dr Chauhan has made the case witnessing method accesible to anyone who wishes to effect a cure in the central disturbance of a patient. Reading this book will surely give every reader the feeling, 'I can do it!'
The Scientifically Intuitive Case Witnessing Process - The Journey of Three Steps
Brand New, but printed in India so the quality is usually not that good.
ISBN 9788184657715
Language English
Author Dinesh Chauhan
Pages 305
Publication Date 2011
Type Hardback
Printed in India
Publisher Philosia Publications