The Periodic Table in Homeopathy - The Silver Series

by Ulrich Welte

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The Periodic Table of Elements was one of the most ingenious discoveries of all times. The nature and interactions of elements are present everywhere and at any time. This natural order of elements endows us with a new structure and order of homeopathic remedies. To translate this system of elements into homeopathic thinking and language is one of the most fascinating pioneer works of present medicine.

The chemistry of human interactions is an analogy to the chemical interactions of elements and evolves through experience. It was Jan Scholtens discovery that the natural sequence of elements corresponds to the evolution of human life and can be translated as such by the Theory of Elements. His system of 'series and stages' shows us how to spot individual elementary remedies to treat human sufferings effectively and safely. The experienced homeopathic general practitioner Ulrich Welte gives us a candid introduction to the Theory of Elements in 64 vivid cases of patients treated with the elements of the Silver series. This exemplary series is row 5 of the periodic table and represents the arts and creative sciences. His practical, hands-on approach gives us an easily understandable access to the subject. On the basis of case histories of suffering people and their symptoms we learn how to use typical behavior patterns, trigger situations, professions and other characteristics to find individual remedies that go deep enough to cure even serious diseases. The cases also show how ripe the Theory of Elements has become in the course of more than 10 years. Many new remedies like Rhodium have come to life. Old and well-known remedies like Argentum appear in a new light and perspective. It is like looking through superficial patterns of symptoms and suddenly perceiving a strange inner beauty in the depths. The Periodic Table has become alive!
The Periodic Table in Homeopathy - The Silver Series
ISBN 9783941706330
Language English
Author Ulrich Welte
Pages 324
Publication Date 2010
Type Hardback
Publisher Narayana Verlag