Survival Vol 1 Mollusc

by Rajan Sankaran

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The exploration of the animal kingdom will be laid out in several volumes of the Survival series. . . . . 'Mollusca' is the first of this series. Within are described the qualities of Mollusca in nature, three of its sub-divisions - Bivalvia (oysters, clams...), Gastropoda (limpets, snails...) and Cephalopoda (octopuses, cuttle fish...) and expressions in the human being. Each of these is described with source words, proving information and clinical cases so as to see the whole map and thus make it easy to recognize it in clinical practice.

The Mollusc  - Survival vol1
ISBN 9788190631648
Language English
Author Rajan Sankaran
Pages 453
Publication Date 2008-01-01
Type Paperback
Printed in India
Publisher Homoeopathic Medical Publishers

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