The Link - A Homeopathic Approach to Healing Using the Bowel Nosodes

by Doris Beauchamp

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The approach in this book of treating chronic diseases is a new and different one. It does not mean that it has not been tried before, but it has not been put together in such a comprehensive way to get the whole picture. Studying Iridology and the dysbiosis found in most people in the digestive system the Bowel Nosodes, pathogenic bacteria of the gut created the desire and basis for further investigation. Their relationship to the chakras, gave motivation to put these in table-form. Firstly for my mine own benefit, then for the students and colleagues, who asked for the table, now found in the back of the book. Encouraged by the feed-back and support received from other Homoeopath how the bacteria of the intestines gives rise to chronic disease THE LINK was created to connect the chakras to:

- the planets

- the colour remedies with their different wave-lengths

- the elements

- the metal remedies

- the sarcodes and the glandular systems of the body

- the Tissue Salts

- the energy bodies

A programme to detoxify the body using the Bowel Nosodes and related remedies is found at the back of the book too. This can be the constitutional remedy, or a low potency combination, as well as Tissue Salts or Flower Essences (of which only the Bach Flowers are in this volume, as there are too many these days to mention them all).

Doris Beauchamp LCH, MARH has experienced Homoeopathic treatment ever since she was a small child, growing up in Germany, where the use of remedies is wildly spread. Therefore, the effectiveness of the remedies was never questioned, only the knowledge of the Philosophy and seeing the bigger picture needed to be acquired. Graduation of the first course was in 1997, many more followed, like the Guild Course of Homoeopathy, Iridology and attending workshops in England as well as in Germany. With great enthusiasm is the collected information now shared at lectures with students and colleagues, or often with the general public too as they should hear what can be achieved with Homoeopathy.

ISBN 9780955551802
Language English
Author Doris Beauchamp
Pages 171
Type Paperback