Integrity Homeopathy

by Sheilagh Creasy

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The Integrity of Homoeopathy is a textbook and reference work for both students and practitioners who wish to follow classical principles in their homoeopathic prescribing. It is a continuation of Hahnemann's pure homoeopathy into the modern era, extending the teachings of 'how to adapt according to clearly defined principles' and the 'sphere of activity'. Based on Sheilagh Creasy's extensive experience as a classical Homoeopath spanning over half a century and most of the globe, this book presents philosophy, case histories and miasms in a focused and readable style which can be readily accessed for desktop reference. In particular, Sheilagh Creasy's explanation of the Relationships of Remedies is laid out in clear diagrams, creating an invaluable tool for working out today's cases. Sheilagh Creasy embodies an era of homoeopaths before the current confusion of eclecticism, experimentation, innovation and revolutionary new ideas. Under her guidance, homoeopathy returns to its simple, clear and effective origins and is then applied to today's cases. Her declared ethos is, 'I will be ready to learn from new teachers when I have learned everything the old masters have to offer.' And on this basis, graduates travel from all over the UK to her workshops in London, students and patients alike contact her daily from around the world, for pure and effective homoeopathy. The Integrity of Homoeopathy is this sought after teaching. 'Sheilagh's passion and dedication to nurture the next generation of classical homoeopaths always leaves me feeling energised and inspired.' Workshop student, London.

The Integrity of Homoeopathy
ISBN 9783933666369
Language English
Author Sheilagh Creasy
Pages 267
Publication Date 2007-12-01
Type Paperback
Printed in Germany
Publisher Verlag Peter Irl