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The Homoeopathy Colouring Book, 2nd edition

by Michael Rowan

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You color detailed illustrations of people who need different remedies, as you read about the remedy type and modalities and create your own mnemonic for remembering the keynotes. It encourages you to imagine the remedy as you color, to experience them as people, talk to them, and think who they remind you of. 49 remedies.

From the author: 

I am the author of the new "Homoeopathy Colouring Book". It is an Australian release that was launched just under 3 months ago. In this short period of time it has already become a text book in a number of Colleges throughout Australia. This number is rapidly increasing. It is a unique approach to the study of homoeopathy and it enables the student to 'bring the remedies to life' within their own 'mind's eye'.
I aim to have this book as the 'first port of call' for the beginner person worldwide who is interested in the subject of homoeopathy.

Information from the publisher:
The Homoeopathy Colouring Book has been developed by Dr. Michael Rowan to assist students in the study of Homoeopathy.
It's approach is unique as it allows the students to become more involved with the subject by allowing them to colour in each remedy. This aids learning making it creative, interactive and a lot of fun.
It makes learning homoeopathy EASY.
Easy recall method. All the features of the remedy are learnt as the student colours the picture in, in their own style and method and interacts with the remedy 'one on one'.
A complete photo album of remedies once they have been interacted with to assist the student to experience the remedies as people.
Study notes that have been created by Dr. Rowan - a student of ten years. He knows what a student needs. Learning by pictures and interaction is the way to go.
Your colouring in is your physical link to and the steps I outline in the book are your key to interaction with the person behind the picture.

The Homeopathy Coloring Book, 2nd edition
ISBN 0646280287
Language English
Author Michael Rowan
Pages 100
Publication Date 1996
Type Spiral Bound
Printed in Australia
Book Author(s) Michael Rowan