The Homeopathic Miasms

A modern View

by Ian Watson

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This is a modern review of the homeopathic theory of miasms, taking Hahnemann's groundbreaking hypothesis as the starting point, and extending it to include positive as well as negative traits, exploring how miasms can and do contribute to a growth in human consciousness. Considering the miasms as challenges to humanity, the author describes each major miasm in terms of its life issues and affinities, with the disease aspects being incorporated into a much larger picture. It includes the five chronic miasms of psora, sycosis, syphilis, tuberculosis and cancer, plus the more recent miasms of radiation and AIDS. It also includes the organ and tissue affinities, associated homeopathic remedies and flower essences.

Even seasoned homeopaths will be interested in this new take on miasms. Ian Watson builds on Hahnemann's theory of chronic disease by explaining how perceiving the miasms as transformative influences rather than just underlying predispositions to disease can help us integrate the positive traits rather than simply eradicating the negative ones. He also relates the miasms to stages of individual and collective evolution. A unique aspect of this book (as far as I am aware) is the suggestions for the use of specific flower essences to address the issues raised by each miasm. This has certainly influenced my own thinking as to how flower essences can be used in chronic cases. The authors own interest and study of psychotherapy is also clearly evident in the book. Psychotherapy, particularly Jungian philosophy has informed homeopathic literature for many years but I found the direct correlation of it to the miasms in this book fascinating. Ian has a skillful way of explaining complex issues in a clear and concise way making this a much easier read than many others on these topics but no less informative. The depth of the information in this relatively slim volume is deceptive. When I was at college, Ian's book 'A Guide to Homoeopathic Methodologies' was essential reading and the one we all quoted from in our graduation cases and assignments. I have a feeling this book will follow suit. I certainly wish it had been in print when I was studying. I therefore recommend this book to practitioners and students alike. by Carol Boroughs, Homeopath (reviewed on Amazon UK)
The Homeopathic Miasms
ISBN 0951765787
Language English
Author Ian Watson
Pages 105
Publication Date 2009-12-03
Type Paperback
Printed in Great Brittain
Publisher Cutting Edge Publications

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