The Essential Synthesis

by Frederik Schroyens

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The repertory that incorporates 11,368 additions and corrections in Kent’s 2nd edition, as well as 333 hand-written additions of Kent making it more accurate, complete and accessible. A chapter of Veterinary information, symptoms, remedies and a list of veterinary concepts have been inserted. It is built with strict criteria of No theoretical approaches, No dream or meditation provings and No information that is not yet confirmed in the clinic. The rubrics follow a clearly readable symptom format and clinical rubrics are renamed according to modern nomenclature. Thousands of cross references & synonyms are added in the mind section.

With 27 Cut Out, Thumb Indexes !! Based on the new Synthesis Treasure edition, but only all traditional (old) authors are included. No author references. More easy readable, larger font size. Special Veterinary chapter included. Approximately 2000 pages, 38 Chapters Light weight, 130 x 200 mm. Ideal for students and more traditional working homeopaths. Ideal to carry with you to a seminar or home visit. Included are all 11.000 corrections of Kent’s Treasure + Kent’s newly discovered additions.

ISBN 9780955715105
Language English
Pages 1980
Publication Date 2009
Type Hardback
Printed in India
Publisher B. Jain

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