Dynamics Methodology Homeopathic Provings

by Jeremy Sherr

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Acknowledged by those at the cutting edge of homoeopathy as the most comprehensive and informative book of its kind. This book was written with the aim of motivating and guiding new provings. It explains the need for new provings and relates the process to psychodynamic theories of the collective unconscious as well as to established clinical drug trials. The book details the necessary stages of a proving, including extraction, collating and editing, repertorising and toxicological reports. It concludes with a detailed appendix of instructions to provers and supervisors, plus a list of recent provings and a proving example (Hydrogen).
The Dynamics and Methodology of Provings
ISBN 1901147010
Language English
Author Jeremy Sherr
Pages 127
Publication Date 1994
Type Paperback
Printed in Great Brittain
Publisher Dynamis Books