The Complete Repertory of the Mind HARDBACK

by Zandvoort

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Hardback edition — This edition of the Complete Repertory Mind contains a lot of new information. There are nearly 3000 new references and cross-references, 9000 new additions, 63 new remedies, 33 new authors and more information from old sources. Exclusively for the Complete Repertory are 700 new additions from Boenninghausen. The provings of Aegle, Haliaethus, leukocapitus, Lac caprinum, Lac delphinum, Lac leoninum, Magneisa silicata, Mantis religiosa, Sol and many others ae included.

A lot of work was dedicated to reorganizing and restructuring the Complete Repertory so that even long existing, but hidden rubrics can be found easier. This, together with the many references and cross-reference, helps to make all the information in the Complete Repertory today easily accessible for every homeopath.

ISBN 9080187887
Language English
Author Zandvoort
Pages 570
Publication Date 1998
Type Hardback
Printed in The Netherlands
Publisher IRHIS