The Child's World

New approaches to the Homeopathic Treatment of Children

by Linda Johnston


Generations of homeopaths have successfully treated children using the traditional approaches of materia medica, repertory, keynotes and classification into children types. As successful as these methods have been, there have always been some cases that were not helped. As a result new ideas and advances have taken place to expand our skills and knowledge for better results.

Homeopathic prescribing is undergoing a tremendous evolution due to the recent advent of ideas such as the grouping of remedies into families, connecting a childs remedy to the mothers during pregnancy and understanding how the remedy source is expressed through the patients symptoms, called source-based prescribing. These advances are also having a positive impact of the treatment of children. The Childs World elaborates on the ways the new ideas in homeopathy can benefit children.
The Child's World
ISBN 9780955906510
Language English
Author Linda Johnston
Pages 207
Publication Date 2010
Type Paperback
Publisher Saltire Books

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