Structure, Experience with the Mineral Kingdom 2 volumes

by Rajan Sankaran

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After elaborating on his kingdom idea and the sensation level, DR. RAJAN SANKARAN has been consolidating these with a look into each kingdom. STRUCTURE is the second of a trilogy on the various kingdoms, the first being an insight into plants and the third being survival (on the animal kingdom).

1. STRUCTURE (experiences with the mineral kingdom) : This 2 volume work of over 1000 pages has a Foreword by Dr Roger Morrison , An excerpt from the foreword will describe the book:

This long awaited book deeply explores the nature of the mineral remedy from nearly every vantage point:
*Exact descriptions of minerals in general, from the most intimate and interior experience of the patient. This description includes clear guidelines for differentiating the minerals from plant and animal remedies.
*Precise definitions of each row and column of the periodic table. Building upon his previous work on the minerals and upon the work of Jan Scholten, Dr Sankaran has deepened and clarified our understanding of the rows and columns.
*Detailed descriptions of each individual element and many salts. When possible, Dr Sankaran has provided his own experience of the individual remedies with new and penetrating insights.
*Dozens of case examples with transcripts of cases where the Sensation Method is applied.

Structure in Homeopathy is an exciting synthesis of the work of Jan Scholten and the Sankaran Method. The book is a necessary key, enabling those who follow Dr Sankarans work to use the periodic table to greatest advantage. In addition, Dr Sankarans insight and descriptions amplify and extend our knowledge of the columns, rows and individual remedies vastly. Having utilized these insights in my own practice I can attest to their accuracy and almost uncanny relevance to case taking. At times I have almost suspected my patients of having studied Dr Sankarans lectures because their words are identical to his descriptions.

The ultimate test of any homeopathic work: Do the descriptions and explanations match clinical experience and aid us in bringing cure? I can say with perfect confidence that the experienced homeopath who applies the principles contained in this book will find great satisfaction. This work opens up possibilities of cure in cases that otherwise would go unsolved. It brings light to many areas of mystery and confusion. This book is a treasure.
Structure, Experience with the Mineral Kingdom 2 vol.
Brand New, but printed in India so the quality is usually not that good.
ISBN 9788190337885
Language English
Author Rajan Sankaran
Pages 1053
Publication Date 2008-10-01
Type Hardback
Printed in India
Publisher Homoeopathic Medical Publishers