Structuralism and the Plant Kingdom vol. 1: Monocots

by Stephanie Nile

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The book catalogues and compares trends which pervade the entire Botanical hierarchy of families, orders and clades and places them into stage tables which are based of the previous work of Dr. Scholten (stages) and Dr. Sankaran (miasms).
In this book I unearth aspects of Psychology which can enrich the stage concept with various perspectives and methods, such cluster analysis which have the potential to provide a more quantitative evaluation. This means that the stage concept can be applied to any remedy or case, regardless of the Kingdom.
Another challenge, implicit in any Botanical study of Materia Medica, is to integrate any causal relationships between the evolution of botanical function in each of these groups and the symptoms they produce into the remedy pictures.

Debby Bruck, Homeopathic World Community:
I have been watching Steph continue with her artistic and scientific categorization and elaboration of Plant Kingdom and Lanthanides. She blows me away! How does she do it? In truth, I understand less than half of what she is doing and how to read her maps. This would take at least a year of intensive study and tutelage.

Jose Mirilli, Author of Homeopathic Repertory:
This is the time for developing homeopathic studies which organise all previous approaches to Homeopathy.
This is one of Stephanies strengths.
Her natural powers of intuition and her skill in the synthesis of information makes her work a very good example of this new tendency.
Structuralism and the Plant Kingdom vol. 1: Monocots
ISBN 9789549379266
Language English
Author Stephanie Nile
Pages 176
Publication Date 2010
Type Hardback
Publisher Homeohelp