Steven B. Kayne

Book Author Full Name: Steven B. Kayne

Books by this Author

  1. OUT OF PRINT: Homeopathic Pharmacy, Second Edition

    Gives pharmacists the broad information they need to be able to dispense and counter-prescribe homeopathic medicines with confidence.In response to the rise in patient demand for, and interest in, homeopathic medicines, pharmacists are increasingly being asked for advice and help with prescribed and over-the-counter (OTC) remedies....

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  2. People are Pets

    This book on homeopathy is aimed at first-time users. It is an introductory guide to the most well-known and frequently used homeopathic remedies, which should enable readers to treat themselves (and their pets) for many simple, self-limiting conditions.
  3. Homeopathic Prescribing

    Originally devised at 36000 feet over Siberia, this book was commissioned by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and is recommended for all practising pharmacists and other health professionals. But that is not to say that one must be a health professional to use this book - it is beautifully laid out to allow maximum...