Something in the Water

by Sue Lanzon

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This well-crafted and involving book is an ideal book for any reader new to homeopathy for it explains this great method of healing, and what might be expected from its uses, in the simplest and most readable form.

Martin J Walker

Something In The Water offers an unusual insight into the practice of homeopathy through a collection of stories taken from the real life and work of a contemporary homeopath. Ranging from the streets of South London to the shores of a Greek island, Sue Lanzon negotiates the minefield of current therapeutic expectations with wit, candour and a shrewd awareness of the complexity of human communication. Remedies spring to life through a diverse array of characters encountered both in and out of the consulting room, and the wider issues they provoke challenge our attitudes to illness, healing and the role of the practitioner in the modern world.

Witty, quirky sprinkled throughout with ironic homeopathic gems and surprises

Miranda Castro
Something in the Water
ISBN 9781874581802
Language English
Author Sue Lanzon
Pages 207
Publication Date 2012-10-01
Type Paperback
Printed in Great Brittain
Publisher Winter Press

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