Some Clinical Experiences of Erastus E. Case, M.D.

with selected writings

by Erastus E. Case


Still available here:

Erastus Case was a perennial presenter at the IHA meetings, and this book is a collection of material, much of it direct from his printed cases. He was acclaimed as one of the great clinicians, and his selection of curative remedies often baffled those of his day. The book was reprinted by Van Hoy Publishers in 1991, with many additions by the editor, Jay Yasgur.
The original of this little red volume has remained a highly treasured prize in homeopathic collections. Jay Yasgur has not only added some wonderful other articles by and about Dr. Case, but he has restored the 'discussions' which often followed the presentations, and which Case did not include in his original book. Much can be learned from this book, especially if one is curious enough to do the digging that Case did to find the reasons for giving the remedy.

Some Clinical Experiences of Erastus E. Case, M.D.
Language English
Author Erastus E. Case
Pages 103
Type Paperback