Sheilagh Creasy

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  1. An Explanatory to the Lectures of Homoeopathic Philosophy by james Tyler Kent M.D. Through the Understanding of Swedenborg

    The spiritual connection of homoeopathy to love - light, heat and warmth - is examined in Swedenborgian terms and related to Kent's philosophy. Challenging the materialists' concept of disease being an outer expression of symptoms, traceable back to a virus , bacterium, etc - the scope of Kentian/Sw ...
  2. Integrity Homeopathy

    The Integrity of Homoeopathy is a textbook and reference work for both students and practitioners who wish to follow classical principles in their homoeopathic prescribing. It is a continuation of Hahnemann's pure homoeopathy into the modern era, extending the teachings of 'how to adapt according to ...

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