Sea Remedies

Evolution of the Senses

by Jo Evans

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Sensory evolution provides a stunning, full-colour illustrated guide to the marine invertebrate remedies used in homeopathy. Alongside the materia medica, additional chapters explore the evolution of the senses and the relationship of our human sensory experience to that of this group of early animals. The conventional biomedical uses are also included.

'This book is very well done. The themes allow an easy understanding of the remedies and the beautiful pictures bring the whole to life. It gives a good overview and deep understanding of groups such as the Cnidarians [jellyfish and sea anemones]. Very much recommended.'
Jan Scholten

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Sea Remedies
ISBN 9789076189239
Language English
Author Jo Evans
Pages 656
Publication Date 2009
Type Hardback
Printed in The Netherlands
Publisher Emryss Publishers
Book Author(s) Jo Evans

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