The Science of Homeopathy

by George Vithoulkas


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About twenty-five percent of the physicians in the United States were homeopaths at the turn of the century. In 'The Science of Homeopathy', George Vithoulkas provides an objective and concise treatise of this approach, focusing upon the basic principles and clinical applications of homeopathy. Through the integration of homeopathic and allopathic medicines, a true system of health care can evolve with an emphasis upon the individual as an integrated organism.
In 'The Science of Homeopathy', George Vithoulkas has compiled a clear and comprehensive text outlining both the theory and practice of this important medicine.

In Section One, 'The Laws and Principles of Cure', Vithoulkas sets forth the principles of electrodynamic energy, the 'vital force', predisposition to disease, and the selection of homeopathic remedies.
In Section Two, 'Practical Application', he gives a detailed explamation of the methods of diagnosis, and the preparation, administration, and evaluation of homeopathic cures. Written in clear, concise language, with ample illustrations, references and case studies, The Science of Homeopathy is an excellent reference for homepathic physicians and an informative introduction for the interested lay person.
Science of Homeopathy
ISBN 9780802151209
Language English
Author George Vithoulkas
Pages 331
Publication Date 2009-01-01
Type Paperback
Publisher The International Academy of Classical Homeopathy