Sacred plants, human voices

by Nancy Herrick

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Nancy Herrick contributes to homeopathy with the proving of seven new plant remedies (Lotus, Ginseng, Mandragora, Rosa Gallica, Rosa St. Francis, Ayahuasca, and Anhalonium). In her thorough analyses she discovered the themes in the plant and dedicates herself to give a coherent and meaningful description of the totality of the remedy.

From the cover:
Nancy's book on Sacred Plants opens up a vital area which has not recieved enough justice so far. Like her book on animal provings, this one too shows her painstaking research into each plant, followed by a detailed proving which is grouped according to themes and then made accessible by accurate indexing into rubrics. This very important work will go a long way in bringing these Sacred Plants to good use in Homeopathy. Rajan Sankaran
Sacred plants, human voices
ISBN 0963536834
Language English
Author Nancy Herrick
Pages 553
Publication Date 2003
Type Paperback
Printed in USA
Publisher Hahneman Clinic Publishing