S.R. Wadia

Book Author Full Name: S.R. Wadia

Books by this Author

  1. Tonsillitis Cured By Homeopathy

    Homoeopathy is meticulously a mathematical science. The proper understanding of the disease and what is curable in the disease, if judged exactly, can create miracles in the medical faculty by proving results in hopelessly incurables like those delicate, backward, peculiar, odd, stunted, puny children and the likes. This book reveals the...
  2. Homeopathy Cures Asthma

    “The book is a complete guide for the management of an asthmatic patient. It covers topics on miasms, approach towards the patient, most probable remedies, dietary advice and yogic exercises for an asthmatic patient. In short, treatment as well as auxiliary advice which can be implemented in day to day practice. “ The...
  3. Tips by Masters of Homeopathy

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