S.R. Phatak

Book Author Full Name: S.R. Phatak

Books by this Author

  1. Materia Medica of Homeopathic Medicines (Indian edition)

    One of the most popular materia medica. Working largely from bogers synoptic key, phatak presents the most important symptoms in plain language so the student of materia medica will grasp a deeper understanding. Particularly useful is its format wherein the remedys affinity is stated at the outset. The relative importance of each...
  2. A Concise Repertory of Homeopathic Medicines

    Organized alphabetically rather than by regions as in Kent. This book is enjoying an unexpected resurgence in popularity in 2010.This repertory is intended to serve as a handy and useful reference book. It is an attempt to lessen the difficulties of the prescriber. Remedies for a particular rubric are reduced to minimum possible by a...